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Featured Photography – Steve and Shelley Harrington

Shelley Harrington is one half of what she refers to as “Team Steve” or Steve Harrington of Steve Harrington Photography. Shelly is the photo editor, and Steve is the photographer. She jokingly called herself ‘the better half of Team Steve’ once and the name stuck. So that’s where they’re at, Team Steve.

I’m from: A small town in Northern Utah, named Garland. That’s okay, nobody knows where it is.

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My last big inspiration was: That would be all Andy’s fault, since this is fresh on my brain. I stayed up all night last night working on this! On the SPA forum, they have monthly assignments. The assignment was to recreate an image you’ve seen in a magazine or website. I was a bit obsessed about this for the past 3 weeks and finally found the perfect image of Criss Angel. We had our son in the studio last night because he’s a senior this year and our current guinea pig. We shot the image then I spent all night trying to replicate all the effects in Photoshop. It was a great challenge! I love looking at images and picking them apart, like, ‘how did they do that?’

It came from: Again, blame Andy.

My biggest accomplishment this week was: We found out just 2 days ago that our 8×10 WPPI competition prints for seniors placed 1st and 3rd. We are really excited about that. It was a goal we set for ourselves, and we’ve met it! YAY! I’m still not sure if I believe it.

I love shooting seniors because: Our seniors spoil us. They are always so sincere and grateful. They make sure to tell us, ‘thanks for making me look so good!’ We look forward to every senior session we have, no doubt about it.

The best purchase I’ve made for my studio in the last year was: Our Silverlake Abstract muslins geared toward seniors. A projector and Proselect software! We did a lot of online proofing at first, big mistake. Now that we bring them in for sales sessions, our averages have shot through the roof! We are still a long ways to our ultimate goal, but this purchase definitely brought us that much closer.

The one place on the web I can always go for inspiration is: The online communities that have helped shape our style. I have way more than one. But the 2 that stand out in my mind (besides SPA, of course) are: #1- The two crazy Canadians, James Hodgins and Rob Provencher that run NoBs Photo Success. I love their outlook and attitude on the photography business, and the members there always blow my mind with inspirational work.
#2- Our heroes: Travis and Paula Gadsby of Silverlake Backgrounds. These two are mild geniuses in our book. They’ve done it all, to running a successful portrait studio and now a completely successful background business. We love to pick their brains whenever we can! I just can’t speak highly enough about these folks.

Magazines I look at for ideas: Harpers Bazaar. I love getting freebie clothing magazines in the mail too. We’ve gotten some cool ideas off of those. We have a scrapbook that we save posing clips in.

Our last family vacation was to: Yeesh, ya got me there. Does it count if it was about 6 years ago? We spent a week at the beach near San Diego. I guess it’s time for another family vacation!

The oldest thing in my refrigerator right now is: Wow, you’re lucky. I just cleaned out my fridge, but I found some fresh spinach that wasn’t so fresh anymore. I think it gave birth to something while it was in there.

My favorite thing in my closet is: I’m lower than low maintenance. I love my big clunky sweatshirts. I have one that I wear to death, but it’s on hold through the summer months. I’ll probably be buried in it.

The biggest accomplishment to this point in my life has been: Well, besides the obvious of 3 kids I’m totally proud of and a wonderful husband, I’m pretty proud of stepping up to the plate with Steve when he wanted to start this photography business. At first he was doing it all, the shooting, the editing, the ordering, and still working full time at another job. I told him if I could quit my job, I would sit down and learn Photoshop and do all the editing. I’m not saying I’m a Photoshop professional, but I’m very comfortable with it now. And I love being my own boss! :)

2 of the most important concepts I use to run my business are: Stay positive. Be real with people. We get compliments from the seniors about how down to earth we are. We think we’re funny, and evidently a couple of other people think we are too.

In 5 years I see myself: Working side by side with Steve in a successful studio. We’d really like to invest in a chunk of land and make a portrait park too.