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Creativity is fun. Work is hard. Do more work.

The tension of creativity

Coming up with an idea is a lot of fun. There are no boundaries to what that idea can be, do, or say. You are limitless in potential when coming up with ideas. Creativity is a lot of fun.

Making creative ideas come to life on the other hand is not always fun. There are restraints on what can be done. The limitless potential now has boundaries.

I was reminded of this when reading about…well, um, (cough)…Booty Pop. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Booty Pop. Really, I hadn’t. It’s a product to help your booty, well, pop. The creators liken it to a miracle bra for the behind.

The story of how the 2 ladies who developed, produced, and marketed their fun idea was impressive, but what really caught my eye was this quote -

“The partners (Lisa Reisler & Susan Bloomstone) had to learn about things such as manufacturing, packaging, importing and landing costs, “things that aren’t as much fun as the creativity,” says Reisler.”

How to do hard work

Reisler & Bloomstone developed this great, creative idea, got lots of interest in it and then…had to go to work. Work is hard. Work isn’t always fun like being creative is.

Here are 6 tips on how you can get hard things done:

  1. Be intentional. When you know why you are doing what you are doing it’s easier to push forward during difficult times. Times of creativity help you develop the goals you need to push you forward to do hard work.
  2. Be organized. Make sure you have some sort of system in place to help you accomplish everything you need done. Personally, I have used Evernote as both a note taking system and a to-do list. Evernote has made it harder for things to fall through the cracks, so I stay on track.
  3. Set limits. I read about a prolific writer who forced himself to sit and work non-stop for 33 minutes six times a day. He had few rules on how it worked, but he was forced to do the hard tasks necessary to make art. The good news is that he did this for only 3 hours each day – 5 days a week. That leaves a lot of time to do everything else you want to do (ie – creative, fun stuff).
  4. Be disciplined. Limits mean nothing if you don’t discipline yourself to follow them. When you’re the boss, no one can make you do what needs done. It all falls on your shoulders, so get it done.
  5. Get help. Chances are you are great at something (photography, business, marketing, sales, etc), but you lack in other areas. Be willing to search out information where ever you can. The internet is a great free place to start. Search on Twitter, Facebook, Google for people and information to take you were you need to go.
  6. Be focused. Another way of saying #3 and #4. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by life for set amounts of time. Just as I was writing this article I found myself wandering to my phone, email, Facebook, etc. The more focused I am the better work I do, and the more time I have to do the fun stuff.

The beautiful thing about when creativity comes together with hard work is you see your dreams come true. Booty Pop was a dream for 2 ladies. They are now living their dream…

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