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Content marketing. Change how you attract and engage clients. Forever.

Content Marketing by Nancy NardiYour website is the hub of your online presence and good content is the key to attracting targeted visitors to your site. Most people go online to research a product or business before a final decision, especially if it is a local business or a large purchase.

Listen to what Marketing Sherpa has to say about your clients -

“70% of your leads will end up buying something from you or one of your competitors, but they won’t do it right away. Businesses that build relationships with their leads over time have the greatest success in conversion by staying top of mind until the lead is ready to buy”

Photographers can no longer put only images on their web and social media sites and expect the phone to ring. Content Marketing is an effective alternative to traditional advertising.

What exactly is content marketing?

Content Marketing is communicating without selling.

Rather than sales pitches and “look at how great we are” type of content, you share information that helps and educates prospects. It tells a story. It’s using content like blog articles, images, video, social media and email, to give helpful information.

Why Content Marketing is Important

Optimized content is the key to search engine optimization. Keyword rich articles on your blog or website will attract the right prospects.

In addition, social signals, Tweets and Likes, are now being factored into search results. This means if you are logged into Google or Bing, things shared by those in your social circle show in search results.

Typically it takes 6-7 touches with your business before your people will take action. By creating useful content that visitors are searching for, you will attract targeted and repeat visits to your site, and increase social sharing.

Building a list

The best way to stay in front of prospects, is to build an email list. You must have some way of capturing email addresses on your site and in your studio. Building your list also includes building fans and followers, however keep in mind that you don’t own those lists. An email or mail list is one that you own.

Use your email list and social media to drive traffic to your website and blog. Think about how many great websites you have been to. How many do you visit a second time – even if you loved it. Most likely, only the ones that “remind” you that they are there, either by mail, email or social updates.

Good content is helpful and answers questions

Think about questions that clients frequently ask and what interested prospects may be looking for.

A couple of examples:

  • What should I wear to my session? You could create a blog article or post an image and short update to Facebook. Use session images with good examples of clothing ideas to educate on good clothing choices, or session ideas.
  • What will my session be like? Simply telling people how fun their session isn’t the same as showing them. 3 girls photography does a fantastic job of using video to showcase the experience and what makes their studio different from everyone else.

Brainstorm ideas and create an Editorial Calendar

Write down topics in advance, and add them to a calendar. It doesn’t need to be complex, just a simple list of ideas and when you will publish them.

Create a file of ideas with questions from clients, things asked about a lot, then create an article/post for each one of those questions. Anything that would be of interest to your clients, behind the scenes at the studio, places to shop. How to use your product – don’t assume it’s too basic or simple – many of your clients don’t know about things which photographers do everyday.

By creating helpful content, you prove yourself as an expert in your prospects mind. It educates them, and it differentiates you from the amateur with a camera that lacks the professional skills you have.

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