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The Collective is having a wrap attack!

Keeping it fresh.

I apologize for the title of this post. It’s hard to keep it fresh. This is what happens.

I’ve worked this week on keeping The Collective fresh. I’ve set some goals for The Collective (some of which I’ll share next week) that I hope will push me to continue to create and curate great, informative content.

If you have a fresh idea, a fun story, or something you feel fits well into one of the photography, business, life categories I would love to see it. Check out the Submissions page for all the details.


The key to setting goals is making them actionable

Make your DREAM a reality. Set your 2012 goals!

A dream is a dream without concrete goals. Dane Sanders shared a post on his blog about making goals that are measurable. It lines up with what other business leaders have said throughout the years. Here’s how to do it.

Imaging USA logo from 2012 in New Orleans


Why I wasn’t at Imaging USA

PPA’s annual conference was this past week. I wasn’t there. Read why I didn’t attend, and how you can make good choices on what conferences you attend.


2011 favorite image by Andy Bondurant


January/February submission contest.

I’m looking for the best images of 2011. I want your best images of 2011. The winners get some great prizes from The Collective and (more importantly) bragging rights for a year!


10 essential elements YOUR website needs.

Nancy Nardi shares the 10 most important aspects of any website. Chances are your website is missing at least one of these. Check out this post to guarantee your website is running at its peak performance.


Logo for Photographers Ignite siteMy first RISK of 2012.

My word for 2012 is RISK. Last week, I took my first big risk, and I’m still waiting to see how it will turn out. Some thoughts on what I’m learning already in this process.

Cool links of the week:

If you want more than what you see here, make sure to follow me on Twitter. I share lots more there throughout the entire week.

  • The basics on Pinterest – It’s no secret that Pinterest is the “next big thing” on the internet. If you aren’t very familiar with how Pinterest works, this article will get you started.
  • Content marketing trends for 2012 – Content marketing is here to stay. It’s the best way to reach and connect with your clients. Here is what you need to know about it.
  • Google+ really is important – Google+ has over 40 million people registered (only 5% of Facebook), but it still matters. This is why it matters.
  • How you spend your time – Non-photographers think your life is easy and glamorous. It’s not, and here’s the graphic to show them.


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