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This is a core philosophy of The Collective – everyone has the potential to share useful information toward creating better photography, developing a better business, or living a better life (and any combination of the 3).

I want to hear from you!


There is no specific criteria to who may post. I love the perspective of both photographers and non-photographers. Please submit your article on our of three core subjects:

  • Photography.
  • Business.
  • Life.

Your post cannot be an advertisement or include affiliate links for any product. If you are interested in advertising (through a sponsored post or banner ad), please see the Advertising Page.


These are the submission guidelines:

  • Your article should be around 500-800 words. Any submission under 200 words will not be accepted.
  • Please send your article within the body of your email.
  • Include 4-5 images (500 pixels wide at 72dpi). The closer they relate the better, but this is not imperative. The images may be portraits or graphics.
  • Title – the most important part of your article. The better the title, the better chance it has to being read.
  • Short Bio – 2 or 3 sentences sharing the basics of who you are.
  • Bio image – 125×125 pixels at 72dpi
  • Links you want me to include in your bio (website, fb, twitter, etc).
  • Willingness to respond to comments in a polite and thoughtful manner.


I will edit your  post for grammar, punctuation, spelling and readability. In the unlikely event I make major changes to your post, I will email the edited copy for your approval before posting.


I have written a lot of blog posts, both for The Collective and as a guest poster. I understand the effort and time it takes to create a thoughtful article.

However, your submission does not compel me to publish your post. I will only publish articles that I feel are quality written AND add value to my readers.


You may submit your article at anytime for review to I will respond within one week with a “yes” or “no”.

Though I may sound harsh with the disclaimer and rejections, it is very rare for me to reject a submission. I encourage you to submit your guest post today!

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng